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Jawline slimming with Botox explained

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Jawline slimming with Botox: Most people are aware that Botulinum Toxin (Botox®) is an extremely popular, non-surgical injectable treatment for the temporary reduction of dynamic lines and wrinkles.

Did you know that Botox® can help to slim down the female jawline? This makes the face a more pleasing oval or heart shape, as opposed to a more square appearance.

A square jaw is more associated with that of a man and for women, can look rather masculine. A square jaw can simply be the result of genetics or can be caused by over-use of the masseter muscles (the muscles located each side of the jaw, responsible for its movement). If a person grinds their teeth or clenches their jaw during sleep or periods of stress, the masseter muscles become enlarged and more powerful, hence the more square lower facial region. Botox injections can relax the masseter muscles, helping them to reduce in size and form a smoother contour around the lower facial regions.

Here at KL Cosmetic Clinics in Doncaster, we are treating more and more patients with Botox in the masseter muscles, in order to reduce teeth grinding and jaw clenching and create a more feminine facial shape.

How does Botox® work for jawline slimming?

Botox® is a naturally-occurring protein which inhibits the nerve signals, responsible for muscle movement (hence its effectiveness when injecting in to the facial muscles that cause expression lines).

When injected into the masseter muscles, Botox® releases tension in this area and reduces muscle activity (don’t panic though, you can still talk, chew and will look normal – it will simply make the muscles less prominent)

This reduction in muscle volume slims the jawline and in addition to the cosmetic benefits of Botox® in the masseter muscles, will help with tension headaches and habitual teeth grinding which can cause cracking of the tooth enamel as well as premature wear and tear on those pearly whites.

What happens during a jawline slimming treatment using Botox® at KL Cosmetic Clinics?

Before any non-surgical treatment can take place at KL Cosmetic Clinics, we will request that you attend a pre-treatment consultation with one of our medical specialists. This is your opportunity to discuss your concerns, expectations and ask any questions you might have about a Botox procedure.

Your practitioner will also check your medical history, to ensure you don’t have any contraindications which may prevent or restrict the treatment. A facial examination will also take place at this initial meeting, so that both you and your practitioner can make an informed decision on whether Botox for jawline slimming will be right for you. Once both parties are happy that Botox® will be beneficial and safe for you to undergo, you will be invited back to the clinic for treatment.

When you return to the clinic for your Botox treatment, your practitioner will ask you to complete some standard consent forms. Your skin will then be cleansed and sterilised with an antiseptic wipe.Tiny injections of Botox® will then be administered in to your masseter muscles, using very fine needles.

Pain relief is not usually necessary during a Botox® treatment as the needles are so small and the injections are fairly superficial. However, if you are particularly sensitive or nervous, a topical anaesthetic can be applied before your treatment. The procedure is very quick and should not take more than 10 minutes (without numbing cream).

You’ll then be given some aftercare instructions to follow, but can return to your everyday activities immediately after your Botox treatment.

When will I see results?

Jawline slimming treatment can take anywhere between 24 hours and 2 weeks to work. It all really depends on how you respond as an individual, to the treatment. The visual changes may take up to 2 months to develop.

The longevity of your results depends on how your body responds to the Botox in your system and how quickly the nerve responses return to the muscles. Lifestyle is also a huge factor in how long results last. For example, if you sun bathe heavily, smoke, drink excessive amounts of alcohol and don’t maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime, you might find you need to return to the clinic for Botox sooner than someone who follows a healthy lifestyle.

However, a twice annual treatment with Botox should be sufficient to maintain your slimmer jawline and reduced teeth grinding.

Book a jawline slimming treatment in Doncaster with KL Cosmetic Clinics

Where once only surgical or dental intervention was needed to reduce teeth grinding and an enlarged lower jaw, now a simple, quick and safe procedure can produce effective and attractive results – no scalpels, no overnight mouth guards and no downtime!

For more information about jawline slimming with Botox®, contact one of our reception team to book a no obligation consultation.

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