KL Cosmetic Clinics

Since it was founded in 2013 by Kirsty Louise Whitworth, KL Cosmetic Clinics has been providing its clients with a safe, ethical, honest and friendly service.

Its loyal client base and positive feedback are testament to the clinic’s rigorous standards in cosmetic treatments and aftercare – as well as its success.

It provides a range of clinically-proven and effective anti-ageing treatments, all at a competitive price.

The best treatments at an affordable price

The clinic only sources the best products from official UK pharmacies.

It does not risk patient safety or service quality by using cheap alternatives, such as those offered online or by unregulated and unscrupulous providers.

Some people may be tempted by unusually low-priced cosmetic procedures and products.

Unfortunately, they can end up damaging their health and their appearance with unsafe treatments from unqualified practitioners.

While most UK cosmetic clients are price-conscious, the majority are not merely looking for the cheapest possible treatment.

They want good results and a great experience, in a safe environment at a fair price.

Which is exactly what KL Cosmetic Clinics will deliver.

The right treatment for you

Kirsty recognises that clients want an honest relationship with a practitioner who listens carefully and understands their concerns, fears and expectations.

She prides herself on delivering a positive experience with the highest standard of care.

You are welcome to discuss your needs and expectations with Kirsty in our private, discreet clinic.

Every medical consultation is thorough. You will have all the time you need, to make sure that any decision you make is right for you.

Kirsty will never push you into having a treatment that you do not want or need.

And she will only use treatments and products that are clinically proven to provide natural-looking results.

To book your consultation with Kirsty, please click here.

Kirsty Louise Whitworth

KL Cosmetic Clinics was set up by Kirsty Louise Whitworth BMedSci (Hons) RGN, aesthetic nurse practitioner and independent nurse prescriber.

Kirsty is an advanced aesthetic nurse, registered with the nursing and midwifery council and an active member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN).

For over 10 years, she held nursing and management positions within the NHS.

Since leaving the NHS, Kirsty has trained to advanced level with some of the UK’s leading surgeons and cosmetic nurses.

She continues to update her skills in a rapidly-changing field by attending regular advanced training, manufacturer workshops and industry conferences. This helps make sure that her clients benefit from the very latest cosmetic procedures and products.

Client safety

It is also part of Kirsty’s commitment to client safety. The medical cosmetic industry is not regulated and, worryingly, has a number of inexperienced practitioners who may not even be medical professionals.

Kirsty says:

“Due to the rise of ‘botched procedures’ that seem to appear regularly in the media, I would strongly advise anyone who is considering a medical cosmetic treatment to only use a Nurse, Doctor, Dentist or Surgeon who has been fully trained and has the experience and knowledge to provide you with a continuity of care and be on hand should any complications arise.

I am extremely passionate about driving up the quality of standards and accreditation in our industry and hope that the government will soon regulate it to protect the public”.

Kirsty Louise Whitworth BMedSci (Hons) RGN

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