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At KL Cosmetic Clinics, we can provide
state-of-the-art treatments for under eye rejuvenation.

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Procedure time

30 minutes


Numbing cream applied 10-15 minutes prior to treatment

Recovery time

5 – 7 days

Duration of results

6 – 9 months

At KL Cosmetic Clinics in Doncaster, we’re always researching the most innovative, state-of-the-art non-surgical treatments for our patient’s skin concerns, so that they can look and feel amazing at every stage of life.

This treatment is called Polynucleotides and can be used in various areas of the face or body.

Polynucleotides for under eye rejuvenation

The under eye area can succumb to several concerns as we age. As the skeleton changes over time, the eye sockets become larger, which can create a more hollow look to the eyes and less support for the skin. The skin can also become thin and crêpey, due to the depletion of substances such as collagen and elastin. Fat pads under the skin can also decline, further creating bags and dark circles.

For many patients with under eye concerns, we may advise upon dermal filler injections. However, some people cannot undergo dermal filler injections as they may be sensitive to hyaluronic acid, the substance which is contained within dermal fillers.

Until now, there have been very few options to treat the under eye area, but at KL Cosmetic Clinics, we have now introduced a revolutionary injectable substance for the under eye area. For those who may not be suitable for dermal filler substances it can offer a wonderful result. This treatment is called Polynucleotides.

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NEWEST Polynucleotides for full face

Polynucleotides work to improve skin hydration by attracting water molecules, and also utilise an anti-free radical action, acting as a scavenger of OH hydroxyl radicals which tend to accumulate as a result of stress, cell damage or external agents such as UV rays.

Once filtered and ultra purified, the DNA fractions initiate your bodies natural fibroblast production, resulting in increased collagen and a thicker, healthier epidermis.

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We can specifically treat the whole face, neck, or the eye area specifically to help:

  • Skin revitalisation to combat general signs of ageing
  • Rehydration for dull skin at any age
  • Deep lines & wrinkles
  • Acne
  • Scarring
  • Rosacea
  • Loose and sagging skin
  • Alopecia/hair loss
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Stretch marks

Before and After Treatment with Polynucleotides

What are polynucleotides?

Polynucleotides (PN) are a form of biomolecule, made up of long-chain nucleotides (building blocks of DNA and RNA).

They have been recognised in medicine for as long as 35 years as highly effective, supportive therapy for wound healing, and have been researched for over 40 years to be used for their skin regenerative properties. Polynucleotides are ethically extracted from the sperm of trout and salmon. The extraction is sterilised and purified before being administered via injection, into deeper layers of the skin.

Polynucleotides can be used in various areas of the face or body and are particularly effective for use in the tear trough area.

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Polynucleotide treatments

How are polynucleotides regenerative for skin?

Polynucleotides help to stimulate fibroblast activity, by encouraging the metabolic activity of skin cells. This helps to promote collagen production and increasing the rate of growth of fibroblasts.

They prime dermal fibroblasts to assist in the production of new matrix glycosaminoglycans, as well as stimulating new collagen and elastin fibres; proteins which are vital to skin health but deplete rapidly with age and external influences such as UV rays. This action of regenerating fibroblasts, within the skin was found, in thorough and extensive testing, to improve the overall quality and texture of the skin in the mid-dermal layers, for significant lengths of time. Trout and salmon sperm also contains Protamine Sulphate – a protein which has a high arginine content; a substance that offers a highly restorative and regenerative effect within the skin.

Am I suitable for a tear trough treatment using polynucleotides?

Polynucleotides are a superb alternative treatment to dermal fillers for the under eye area, as they are not viscous in composition and offer highly restorative, healing and revitalising properties to the skin.

Under eye bags can be disguised by using this substance to smooth the skin, making it more resilient and strong, as well as disguising the appearance of dark circles. Before we agree to treating your tear troughs with polynucleotides however, we will request that you attend a no obligation consultation, facial examination and medical history check, so we can ensure that this treatment will be safe and effective for you.

How long will a treatment using polynucleotides for the eyes, last?

The effects of this treatment tend to last around 6 to 9 months, following 2 treatment sessions, typically administered 4 weeks apart. Top up treatments are recommended every 6 to 9 months in order to maintain optimum results.

Is there any downtime following a treatment for the tear troughs using polynucleotides?

The polynucleotides treatment is minimally invasive and the substance is very bio-compatible with human skin, meaning that adverse side-effects are extremely rare. However, as with any injectable treatment, you might experience some side-effects such as swelling, redness and occasional bruising in the treatment area.

However, this should not stop you returning to your daily activities, the day after your treatment.

Treatment prices

Polynucleotides treatmentPrice
Polynucleotides (Face)£150 per session
Course of 4 recommended£550 (Saving £50)

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If you have further questions about wrinkle-relaxing treatments, or if you would like to book a consultation simply complete our contact form below, or call us on 01302 832 209.

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