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What you need to consider before getting a non-surgical nose job

Have you ever looked in the mirror and not been entirely happy with what you see?. Most of us can see something about our appearance which we would like to address and for many of us, it’s a misshapen or asymmetrical nose. The nose can have a significant influence on our facial looks; it’s in the middle of the face after all! A slightly crooked nose, or a nose which may have a bump or lump here and there can really affect the overall facial structure and can cause an imbalance of the surrounding features. For many of us, a surgical nose job is just not something we want and this extreme procedure might not actually be needed, to correct a misshapen nose. This is when a non-surgical nose job might be the answer.

A non-surgical nose job (non-surgical rhinoplasty or NSR) is a fantastic way of correcting the nasal shape, without the expense, discomfort and downtime of invasive surgery, and at KL Cosmetic Clinics in Doncaster, we offer this procedure, using FDA-approved dermal fillers. However, dermal filler rhinoplasty, though minor in comparison to a surgical nose job, is still a procedure which requires careful thought and consideration. So, we have put together some important points to consider, before undergoing this treatment.

Does a non-surgical nose job hurt?

To answer this question, it’s best to explain what happens during your treatment.

Your KL Cosmetic Clinics practitioner will first examine your nose, in an initial consultation. They will ascertain whether this treatment will be both effective and safe for you to undergo (we always check our patients’ medical history prior to any non-surgical treatment, here at the clinic). Once we have ascertained that a filler rhinoplasty would be a successful treatment, you can go ahead and book your appointment.

On the day of your non-surgical nose job, some topical anaesthetic will most likely be applied to the treatment area. Once this has taken effect, your practitioner will use either a needle or cannula (a blunt-ended needle, very often used nowadays in dermal filler treatments, to prevent bruising) to inject precise quantities of the chosen dermal filler in to the parts of your nose requiring correction. Once the injection stage is complete, your practitioner will mould and shape the filler, for a natural appearance and to help the filler product integrate well with the skin tissues. At any stage, from injection to moulding, you may feel some sensation or slight discomfort, but overall, this procedure should not be painful.

The use of cannulas for injectable treatments in recent years, has meant that far less pain, swelling and bruising is experienced by patients, as the instrument glides past blood vessels and veins, as opposed to potentially piercing them, as traditional needles sometimes do. However, if you are particularly anxious about pain, an injectable anaesthetic may be applied by your practitioner, prior to the treatment.

Will people know I have had a dermal filler nose job?

Will you have your nasal bone broken? Will there be sutures and stitches? Will you have two black eyes? Will there be bandages and weeks of downtime? The answer to all of these questions is “no”.

The attraction of NSR is that there is very little to no downtime, and you can walk out of the clinic without having to have dressings applied to your most prominent feature! (it’s why this treatment is affectionately known as ‘the lunchtime nose job’). You can go back to work or light daily activities immediately (sticking to any aftercare your practitioner advises) and results can be seen immediately.

Sound too good to be true?…….

Although there is very little downtime with a non-surgical nose job, you might experience some swelling, light bruising and tenderness in the treatment area for a few days afterwards. However, this level of downtime is miniscule in comparison to a hefty nose job, where in many cases, the bones of the nose have to be re-aligned, which means surgically breaking them. This type of procedure causes more extensive bruising and people can most definitely ‘tell’ you have had work done.

With NSR, you may even get no bruises and very little swelling, therefore, if you have the procedure on a Friday with the weekend to recover, your colleagues at work might be none-the-wiser, come Monday morning when you return to work!

Are there any risks or complications with a non-surgical nose job?

As with any non-surgical injectable treatments, there are some risks and potential complications with NSR. Minor side-effects include the aforementioned swelling, bruising and sometimes, temporary redness in the treatment area. These usually subside within a week.

However, there are some other complications which can be more significant in their effects, if the treatment is not administered by a fully-qualified medical professional. One of the more serious complications of NSR is if the filler is injected into a blood vessel. If not treated correctly with suitable recovery protocols, this can damage the vessel and disrupt the blood supply, to the skin around the nose. This can lead to the skin in this area ‘dying’.

Other risks include injecting filler in to an area which can affect the vessels which supply the eyes. In some cases, where injectors are not highly-experienced, there have been rare cases of visual impairment, which can be permanent.

This is why you should always enlist the expertise of a medically-qualified practitioner and have any type of injectable treatment in facilities which are purpose built and equipped with all the necessary materials and medical practitioners, to deal with any unforeseen complications which might occur. Although NSR is considered non-invasive in comparison to rhinoplasty surgery, it is still a medical procedure and requires a practitioner with a significant amount of experience and anatomical knowledge, to administer this treatment.

How long do the results last with a non-surgical nose job?

The results from dermal fillers are temporary (in the UK ‘permanent’ fillers are not licensed) and with a non-surgical nose job, you can expect your results to last anything from 6 to 12 months. However, every patient is unique in how their body metabolises dermal filler and the hyaluronic acid contained within them. If you take care of your health and skin, avoid smoking or excessive exercise and sun exposure, you’re more likely to enjoy our results for longer, than perhaps someone who makes certain lifestyle choices which can shorten the lifespan of the results.

The longevity of your results will be discussed with you however, in your initial consultation with your KL Cosmetic Clinics practitioner.

A non-surgical nose job can create a straighter, more symmetrical nose and this, in-turn can make a world of difference in how you look facially, but maybe more importantly, how you feel about your appearance.

If you are considering NSR, and would like more information, or to discuss this procedure with one of our medical practitioners in a no obligation consultation, simply call the Doncaster clinic and speak with one of the KL Cosmetic Clinics team.

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