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Natural lip enhancement:
Subtle lip fillers

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There are many reasons as to why someone might be considering a lip enhancement using dermal fillers.

You might be experiencing the natural signs of ageing, where the lips can become thinner and the skin, dehydrated, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. You may be a smoker and have noticed more prominent lines around your lips. You may simply be lacking in volume, or have some asymmetry that you would like to have corrected.

When some of us think of dermal filler treatments for the lips, we can’t help but conjure up those worrying images of TV stars and reality show personalities with over-filled, un-natural lips which might fill us with dread, when it comes to considering venturing into the world of cosmetic enhancements. Although this look has become popular with some younger people, for most of us, we are just looking to achieve a slight enhancement and a very natural look.

At KL Cosmetic Clinics in Doncaster, our nurses cater to the wishes of patients, whichever look they want, so long as the treatment is patient-appropriate.

If you’re nervous about having lip enhancement for the first time, a natural lip filler treatment would be the best start.

Can you tell if someone has had lip fillers?

If someone has had the right amount of dermal filler for them, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell that they had had a dermal filler procedure. Filler can be injected into particular areas of the lips, in a way to enhance or increase the volume of their lips subtly.

Creating a natural lip takes medical expertise and super-honed skills, as well as using the correct thickness (viscosity) of dermal filler.

At KL Cosmetic Clinics in Doncaster, we only use the best dermal fillers.

Our CE certified, FDA-approved dermal fillers are clinically proven to offer the most natural results for a specific concern. For example, Allergan’s Juvéderm Ultra range is excellent for those who wish to have more volume. It can cause some significant swelling for around 48 hours after the treatment but is perfect for those patients who are experiencing a lack of plumpness to their lips, due to genetics, smoking or the natural ageing process.

natural lip fillers subtle lip enhancement Doncaster

The Vycross range of Allergan fillers such as Volbella, rehydrates and defines the lips, rather like water. This filler won’t add volume but is perfect for dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles, caused by dehydration, smoking or ageing.

Volift offers some volume but with natural results and less swelling post-procedure. It provides more longevity that the Ultra range and has fewer side-effects, although the volume may not be as significant as the Ultra products.

Then there’s the quantity to consider. A ml (which you will, no doubt, recognise as a measurement for lip fillers when researching online) is only one-fifth of a teaspoon, a tiny amount! To have visibly volumised lips, at least 3 ml is required for most patients.

At KL Cosmetic Clinics, we will always take a very conservative approach and offer a very natural and subtle result, to begin with.

You can then decide some weeks down the line if you would like more added for increased volume. For touch-ups, which we advise every 6 to 12 months, 0.5ml is usually recommended. We would not usually recommend less than 1ml for an initial lip filler appointment to achieve noticeable-yet-natural-looking results.

I have fine lines around my mouth, but I don’t want my lips filled! What can I have done?

We get asked this question a lot here at KL Cosmetic Clinics.

The truth is that the ageing process causes the lips to loose volume and areas such as the Cupid’s bow and philtrum can become flat, and you’ll notice your lip profile (what you see when you look at your face side-on) can become less apparent. The upper cutaneous lip also lengthens during the ageing process, and repetitive contraction due to the muscle movement around the lips can cause those fine lines and deeper wrinkles.

natural lip fillers subtle lip enhancement Doncaster

To lessen the appearance of lines and rejuvenate and enhance the lips, we need to replace volume slightly by injecting into the lips. However, don’t be concerned. We can inject a product like Volbella. It hydrates and doesn’t over-volumise, for that subtle outcome and smoother skin appearance you’re looking for.

Can I hide the fact I have had lip fillers from my husband?

As you will experience some swelling and bruising with dermal filler lip injections, we cannot guarantee that your hubby won’t notice that you have had this treatment.

Some people only experience mild side-effects, whereas others can see a significant change for a few days. Therefore, best to let hubby know that you are having some work done, before your treatment. You can reassure him that you want to achieve a natural and soft result and not change your appearance too dramatically!

How often will I need my lips filled with dermal fillers?

This all depends on the kind of results you are looking for. For subtle, natural results, you will probably find that a once-yearly appointment is enough. If you want to build fullness, initially, you’ll need to adhere to a treatment plan which may take three appointments in 6 months. For example – 1ml in January, 1ml in April and then 1ml in August. Once optimal results are achieved, maintenance treatments are required every 6 to 12 months.

natural lip fillers subtle lip enhancement Doncaster

Do lip fillers hurt? Can I have a dental block?

As we use a topical anaesthetic cream (LMX) and as the Juvéderm range of products contains an injectable anaesthetic (Lidocaine) we do not feel that a dental block is required here at KL Cosmetic Clinics.

The dental block itself can also cause initial swelling, making it harder for a practitioner to achieve accuracy with results (as the tissues the block has temporarily compromised natural shape and formation).

We can also use ice to cool the skin, which we find most helpful in many cases, and this should make you as comfortable as possible.

I am worried about getting the ‘duck’ look and have heard of filler ‘migration’. How can I avoid this?

Dermal fillers can stay beneath the skin tissues and move upwards with repeated treatments. This can create that ‘duck’ appearance which let’s face it, no one thinks is attractive. Suppose you have had several dermal filler treatments before coming to see us here at KL Cosmetic Clinics. In that case, we may recommend that we dissolve the existing filler with an injectable product called Hyalase. We would only recommend this for patients who have had many treatments over the years. Migration is very unlikely to happen after just one treatment.

Lip fillers in Doncaster with experienced nurses – visit KL Cosmetic Clinics

For more information on lip fillers with a natural look, or to book a free consultation, contact us today at KL Cosmetic Clinics. Our team of nurses based in Doncaster can make a lip enhamcement treatment to suit you.

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