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Face tightening and skin resurfacing with EndyMed

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Radiofrequency skin tightening with EndyMed: Radiofrequency has long been a mainstay for skin tightening technology for its non-invasive and highly-effective anti-ageing properties. The heat which is generated by a radiofrequency device can tighten, tone and revitalise the skin, reducing lines and wrinkles and promoting the production of collagen, deep within the dermis.

At KL Cosmetic Clinics in Doncaster, we are huge fans of this ‘no downtime’ and virtually pain-free treatment and use EndyMed facial rejuvenation for this treatment.

Why EndyMed?

EndyMed is a global brand which has been recognised as safe and highly-effective for many years,  trusted by aestheticians, cosmetic doctors and practitioners the world over. EndyMed has an impressive safety record and efficacy when it comes to facial skin tightening and lower facelifting.

As EndyMed is a gentle treatment which does not ablate the skin, it is even suitable for very delicate areas and sensitive skin, such as around the eyes and the mouth. These areas are notoriously troublesome to treat, due to the fragile skin around the eyes and the small treatment areas, which some devices cannot reach easily.


EndyMed FSR – Fractional Skin Resurfacing

EndyMed FSR is a fractional skin resurfacing addition to the EndyMed facial and the most intense and powerful for anti-ageing. It uses tiny pins which offer deep dermal heating, simultaneously reaching the collagen fibres within the dermis, causing an immediate and long-term tightening effect.

EndyMed FSR is superb for hard-to-treat dynamic areas such as around the eyes, over the eyelids and around the mouth. If you squirm at the thought of needles penetrating your skin, you needn’t worry. A numbing cream is used before the procedure to aid comfort. You may feel some tingling, a heat sensation and tightening of the skin, but this eases in the hours after treatment, and the results are well worth these sensations.

EndyMed treatment – what can I expect?

Downtime is minimal with EndyMed. Although you may experience some redness and swelling after your treatment as well as some skin peeling a couple of days following the procedure, this can be very mild. You will be able to return to your daily activities immediately after your treatment.

You’ll be able to discuss whether a course of treatment will be required in an initial, pre-treatment consultation here at KL Cosmetic Clinics. Your skin specialist will assess your skin and usually recommend that you have between 3 and 6 EndyMed treatments, spaced between 1 and 6 weeks apart, to really see and feel the benefits.

With a course of treatment, EndyMed can have a significant effect on the tone, texture and youthful glow of your skin. It can treat lines and wrinkles, sagging skin (including the lower face to achieve more of a ‘V’ shape), pigmentation, dehydration, acne scarring and sun damage. When teamed with injectable treatments such as Botox® and dermal fillers, the results can be astounding. Combination treatments can take years off your appearance and restore your facial contours, making you look up to 10 years younger!

You can see the results of your EndyMed facial treatment after around 3 to 7 days. You will notice that your skin will look and feel healthier, thicker and more resilient. You may also notice a more even tone and a radiant sheen.


“A holistic approach to facial rejuvenation”

At KL Cosmetic Clinics, we believe in adopting a holistic approach when it comes to facial rejuvenation. Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers have their place and can improve your looks for sure. Still, if your skin is not in good condition, no amount of injectables are going to improve that.

Combining skin treatments is something that can offer multi-faceted results and improvement, not only to the appearance of lines and wrinkles but the overall resilience, plumpness and condition of your skin. When your skin is glowing – you glow!

Book radiofrequency skin tightening in Doncaster at KL Cosmetic Clinics

Interested in radiofrequency skin tightening or resurfacing? You can contact us today with any questions, or to arrange a no-obligation consultation with one of our specialists. We look forward to welcoming you to our Doncaster clinic!

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