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Three treatments for acne scars

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Treatments for acne scars, Doncaster: If you suffered from acne, either as a teenager or indeed, during adulthood, it is frustrating, and satisfying when cleared. However, acne may have left a reminder of the condition, which skincare products alone cannot treat. We are talking about acne scars.

Acne scars can appear in different forms, and they include:-

  • Rolling scars – these are caused by bands of scar tissue which form under the skin’s surface. Rolling scars give the skin an uneven, bumpy appearance.
  • Boxcar scars – these scars are round or oval, crater-like shapes in the skin.
  • Ice pick scars – these scars are small, deep holes in the surface of your skin, which look like the skin has been ‘punched’ by a sharp object, hence their name.

Acne scars form when collagen within the skin is produced as a healing response to skin damage. In this natural process, however, the collagen can be produced either too quickly and in too high a quantity, making the skin appear bumpy (as in keloid or hypertrophic scars) or can lag, as in acne scarring. The skin, therefore, looks uneven and does not replicate the smooth, even-toned skin which was there previously.

At KL Cosmetic Clinics in Doncaster, we understand that acne scarring can significantly impact your confidence and can be a stark reminder of acne, itself an upsetting and in some cases mentally-damaging skin condition.

We are passionate about empowering all our patients to get back a smooth and beautiful skin appearance and regain their sense of wellbeing, after suffering from acne and acne scarring.

It’s why we offer not one, but several clinically-proven treatments and products that when used either alone or in combination, depending on what we advise, can produce some astonishing results from our Doncaster cosmetic clinic.

ENDYMED FSR for acne scars

Aesthetic practitioners are no strangers to radiofrequency (RF) technology; It’s been used for years to tighten and tone the skin, reduce wrinkles, strengthen sagging skins, and assist with the reduction of pigmentation. However, when applied alongside fractional laser therapy, the EDYMED FSR RF and laser applicator can permanently reduce and even eradicate acne scars.

ENDYMED is the ultimate in skin resurfacing and has a superior skin penetration depth – the very best in the industry at 2.9mm. The RF heat technology stimulates skin repair and new collagen and elastin within the skin tissues. The laser resurfacing technology uses laser energy to remove damaged skin layers in a controlled and precise way. The FSR’s Smooth Scan motion technology provides an acne scar treatment that is completely safe and has minimal discomfort and little downtime. Even darker and Asian skins can benefit from an FSR treatment due to skin ablation’s unique 3DEEP effect, without overheating the epidermis. The FSR repairs and treats your acne scars from the inside out and in the course of treatment can leave your skin looking and feeling fabulous.

Our skin specialists generally recommend a course of 3 treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart for ENDYMED fractional skin resurfacing.

EDS Skin Needling

EDS rejuvenation is a clinically-advanced medical microneedling treatment that can repair many skin concerns from photo-damage to stretch marks. EDS skin needling can fade acne scars fast with this revolutionary treatment, which literally encourages the skin to repair and tone itself!

What’s more, we can use it on other parts of the body, such as the back and decolletage. The eDermastamp device uses needles of 1.5mm in length. The needles oscillate at speed, which your practitioner can adjust from 50 to 150 insertions per second. This allows them to manage the level of trauma that occurs within the skin tissues and, subsequently, the healing response. Thousands of micro-needle columns are created within the epidermal and dermal layers of skin, precisely and uniformly, unlike hand-held rollers, commonly used in beauty salons, which have been sometimes found to compromise the upper layers of the skin and produce uneven results. The evenly-produced channels then close over the course of around 20 minutes but leave behind a physiological repair process, which encourages collagen production, a vital protein when it comes to firm, youthful and vibrant-looking skin.

This production of collagen for smoother and more toned skin refers to the EDS skin needling treatment ‘collagen induction therapy’. We can use the EDS skin needling system alone or in conjunction with the ENDYMED FSR for a truly holistic and intensive approach to eradicating acne scars.

Our skin specialists will tailor a treatment plan to you, but generally EDS skin needling is prescribed up to 6 treatments, with 3-6 weeks between each appointment.

ZO® 3-step peel™ for acne scars

The ZO® 3-step peel™ is no ordinary skin peel. It’s the only multi-functional clinically-proven, dermal peel designed to offer long-lasting benefits for acne scarring.

The ZO® 3-step peel™ utilises a blend of exfoliants, a 6% concentration of retinol and multi-action skin agents that stimulate collagen and replenish lost moisture. It will even out pitted or uneven skin texture and will soften and tighten the skin. The ZO® 3-step peel™ should only be administered by a skin professional who has been fully trained to use these products and is designed to support both dermal and epidermal stimulation; therefore it’s a deeper treatment than some superficial peels that you can buy over the counter.

We recommend that you start an at-home use ZO® skincare programme as advised to you by your practitioner, here at KL Cosmetic Clinic, around 4 to 6 weeks before your 3-step peel™. The products we will recommend will best suit your skin type and help strengthen your skin and enhance the peel’s benefits.

Although the 3-step peel™ can be easily tailored to your individual skin concerns and requirements, you should expect some downtime afterwards. To maintain your results, the peel should be repeated around 2 to 3 times per year. Your practitioner may initially advise a course of treatment, which may include other in-clinic treatments such as the ENDYMED FSR and EDS Skin Needling treatments.

Preparing for acne scarring treatments at KL Cosmetic Clinics

Prior to treating any patient for acne scars, we ensure our patients are investing in a good skin care routine that treats and prevents future acne. We always recommend our ZO Skin Health range, primarily the ‘Getting Skin Ready’ protocol. This will reduce oil production, which creates a good environment for the acne causing bacteria to overgrow.

Timing your acne scarring treatment

The timing of acne scarring treatments is vital to your skin’s health and integrity, so we will make a bespoke plan of action, in a no-obligation consultation before having any treatment, here at KL Cosmetic Clinics in Doncaster. If there is a period of downtime following treatment, we will advise you in advance. We can time your treatment around any special events or occasions where you want your skin to be looking at its absolute best and not recovering from a particular procedure, where it may leave the skin red or tender.

We recommend focusing on acne scarring in the winter months and don’t forget that no matter when you treat your skin SPF is an absolute must.

Acne scarring treatment in Doncaster at KL Cosmetic Clinics

Acne scarring doesn’t have to be something you look at in the mirror each day. There are clinically-proven, excellent treatments available at KL Cosmetic Clinics in Doncaster to help reduce, or even remove those unsightly reminders of your past acne quickly, effectively and with minimal downtime.

Call our friendly clinic team today to book your initial appointment and start your journey to smoother, more beautiful skin, for good! You can also contact us online or via our Facebook or Instagram pages with any questions.

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