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How to make dermal fillers last longer

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Dermal fillers are undoubtedly one of the most popular non-surgical, injectable treatments for facial rejuvenation and contouring. At KL Cosmetic Clinics, here in Doncaster, we are seeing a significant rise in patients enquiring about dermal fillers in Doncaster. We put this down to an increase in awareness through media and television and accessibility since dermal fillers can be extremely cost-effective compared to facial surgery.

Although dermal fillers can plump, hydrate and fill lines and wrinkles, if you aren’t taking care of your skin, it can be counter-productive and far from ideal. Lifestyle choices such as excessive sun exposure, smoking and not staying hydrated can all lend themselves to a poor skin complexion and resilience. They can even shorten the longevity of results, following a dermal filler treatment. Tacking skin concerns with dermal fillers can be highly effective and a great way to keep facial ageing at a minimum, but not without care and attention from you, when you leave our clinic.

So how can we make dermal fillers last longer?

We can take many steps to ensure that our dermal fillers last the maximum amount of time and that your skin is going to look and feel it’s very best. After all, a needle full of filler isn’t a magic wand! It takes work and commitment from you to achieve the most effective results.

  • SPF! Probably THE most important product you will EVER use on your skin and should be used come rain or shine! A great SPF to choose is one from the ZO Skin Health range of cosmeceutical products, sold here at KL Cosmetic Clinics. Clinically-proven and created by Dr Zein Obagi, the ZO range of products is designed for the skin-savvy and can be used in conjunction with many in-clinic treatments we offer. UV rays are all around us, anytime we can see daylight, and it doesn’t matter if the sun is visible, we will still be absorbing UVA (Ultraviolet ageing) rays, even if it’s a cold Doncaster winter! Make sure you use an SPF of at least 30, every day and this can go a long way to protecting your skin against future ageing.
  • Stay hydrated – whether it’s orange juice, tea, coffee (decaf), hot chocolate or simply water, all fluids that we consume go towards our daily intake of H2O. It’s recommended for the average adult to consume around 2 litres a day. Of course, pure water is the very best, but even if you’re not a fan, your drinks and fluids that exist in fruit and vegetables will help flush toxins from your body, including your skin and help to ‘plump’ skin tissues.
  • Quit smoking – one of the most toxic things you can do to your body, smoking can not only cause the dreaded ‘C’ but is possibly the worst thing you can do for your skin. Smoking deprives your complexion of oxygen and vital nutrients and inhibits the skin’s ability to eliminate free radicals. It causes lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and a sallow, unhealthy skin appearance. The area around the eyes can appear sunken and dark, and the natural moisture within the skin is ravaged by the poisonous chemicals, which are in abundance in every cigarette. Therefore, quitting smoking could not only save your life, but it could also save your skin!\
  • Avoid sunbeds – when once sunbeds were quite the fashion accessory for those who wanted an all-year-round tan, we are, as a society beginning to realise that this unhealthy way of achieving a bronze face and body, isn’t all that it cracked up to be. Sunbeds and sunlamps give out the same type of harmful radiation as sunlight. UVA rays (95% approx.) and UVB rays (5% approx.) Laying under a sunbed can age the skin and make it look coarse and leathery. Not only that, but skin cancer is a big issue when it comes to sunbeds, as many people lay underneath them with no UVA or UVB protection whatsoever! This makes the consequences for your skin doubled with sunbeds. We all love a tan; the advancement in topical fake tans has made it far safer to achieve a year-round glow without the risks. We would recommend fake tan over a sunbed or tanning booth any day of the week!

When can I have other treatments with fillers?

Interested in skin tightening? Have a course of radiofrequency skin tightening before a filler treatment. Radiofrequency (RF) is a highly effective and extremely popular treatment to achieve tighter and more even-toned skin, and we offer this treatment here at KL Cosmetic Clinics. We would recommend a course of treatment, before dermal fillers as it may mean that less filler is required, as the skin has already been tightened with the RF technology. RF encourages collagen production within the skin, so you’re repairing your skin tissues from within and naturally; laying a firm foundation for further dermal filler enhancement for optimum results. We would treat with RF first for the best results, and then we treat with dermal fillers. However, if you have recently decided on RF but have existing dermal fillers, this is still ok. We would advise that you wait at least six weeks after your last filler appointment before having radiofrequency treatments.

Having a skin peel with dermal fillers? Peels can be superb for rejuvenating and strengthening the skin and reducing lines and wrinkles and revealing a more even-toned complexion. We offer a range of chemical peels, here at KL Cosmetic Clinic, including the ZO® 3-step peel™. Chemical peels can be administered around four weeks, following a dermal filler treatment, depending of course, on the type of peel you choose. We would discuss this with you at our standard pre-treatment consultation, here at the clinic.

Fancy a facial? The beauty of a facial is that it can breathe new life into your skin but is super-gentle and zero-invasive! Therefore, a facial can be administered any time before dermal fillers, to prep, exfoliate and tone your skin. Once you have had dermal fillers, we would advise on waiting around 3 to 4 weeks to have a facial, mainly if it includes facial massage, so that the dermal filler can settle into the skin tissues properly, before we stimulate the skin with a massage.

Skincare and dermal fillers

Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be a bind. With simple lifestyle choices, a straightforward skin regime, using quality products, such as ZO Skin Health, and a helping hand from our knowledgeable and talented team, here at KL Cosmetic Clinics, you can achieve the most healthy and beautiful skin possible, before enhancing your facial features all the more, with dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers in Doncaster at KL Cosmetic Clinics

For more information on filler treatments, or other having treatments around your injectables, contact our friendly team today. Your practitioner can advise on making fillers last longer, and which complementary treatments to have as part of a wider skin health plan at a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to welcoming you to our cosmetic clinic!

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