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Advanced Lip Filler Techniques

Dermal fillers for the lips are arguably one of the most popular cosmetic injectable treatments available. However, many people think that lip fillers can only really be enjoyed by younger people, due to the appearance of many TV personalities sporting augmented pouts that have a particular ‘look’.

The truth is, that lip augmentation using dermal fillers, can be a treatment that most people who are looking to improve the appearance of their lips can undergo and the results can be subtle and natural-looking.

At KL Cosmetic Clinics in Doncaster, we specialise in advanced lip filler techniques, for those who wish for a more kissable, youthful-looking pout and adopt several techniques in order to achieve the various results that our patients are seeking.

Russian lips

A growing trend amongst those who wish to lift the cupid’s bow of their lips without adding too much volume and projection. This is fast becoming one of our most sought after techniques here at KL Cosmetic Clinics.

Unlike a traditional dermal lip filler treatment, we inject the product vertically, starting at the base of the lip and drawing the filler outward, towards the lip boarder, the reverse of what we would usually do in a standard dermal filler for projection volumising and re-shaping. The cupid’s bow is shaped in to a heart shape and volume and lift is added to the centre of the lips, whilst remaining relatively flat to the face.

This treatment requires slightly more product than a standard lip augmentation, but the main goal with Russian lip filler is to heighten the lips without adding excessive plumpness.

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Small tweaks for lip asymmetry using dermal fillers

If you have some asymmetry in your lips, you may require some dermal filler simply to rectify this issue, without adding lots of volume or re-shaping the entire lip.

A suitable product can be selected, which will be a soft, fluid filler, so as to offer a natural enhancement. The practitioner will only augment the areas of your lips that require correction and the final result can be extremely natural and flattering, but more symmetrical.

Lip fillers for smokers lines

If you are someone who smokes or is experiencing some moderate ageing of the lips, you’ll probably notice that when you apply lipstick, it will ‘bleed’ out of your lip line and onto the surrounding skin, leaving your lips less than perfect looking for that special event or hot date! Applying dermal fillers to the vermillion boarders of the lips, can help to smooth out fine lines, caused by smoking or the signs of ageing.

We don’t have to add volume to the body of the lips, so we can keep your lips looking naturally yours, just without the scary looking lipstick!

Anti-ageing lip fillers

It’s an unfortunate fact that as we age, we will lose volume to our lips. This can cause them to look thin and fold inwards.

Adding volume with a viscous and long-lasting dermal filler in these cases doesn’t have to mean that your lips will look un-natural or ‘silly’, but the volume can be restored naturally – if administered by an experienced medical professional such as those on our team here at KL Cosmetic Clinics.

It may feel strange to you at first, if you have never had dermal fillers, but you will see the benefits within a few days, once any slight swelling or bruising has subsided. The result is plumper, fuller yet natural looking lips, more in balance with your natural facial features.

Sometimes we have to take away to restore!

In some cases, where a patient has had several lip filler treatments which may not have been successful or where the product has not dispersed properly, we may have to inject a substance called Hyalase (hyaluronidase) to dissolve the existing filler.

It might sound scary but it’s a very simple procedure and will help restore your lips to their natural appearance and remove any lumps or bumps that the dermal fillers may have left behind. This will give your practitioner a ‘clean slate’ to start again and perhaps offer you a more appropriate dermal lip filler treatment to best compliment your face and meet your expectations for natural-looking long-lasting results.

Advanced lip fillers in Doncaster at KL Cosmetic Clinics

Dermal fillers for the lips should make your lips look pretty and not over-filled. The days of the ‘trout pout’ are (fortunately) behind us and here at KL Cosmetic Clinics, we have the expertise, artistic eye and a flair for advanced dermal filler techniques to leave you with naturally beautiful lips, whatever your age or concern.

Looking for a friendly lip filler clinic in Doncaster? Contact our team today to book a chat with one of our amazing nurses. We look forward to meeting you.

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